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Generator Differential

DIN Rail Generator Differential

Generator Differential Protection (ANSI 87G, 87M) for DIN rail mounting.
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Easy to use Generator Differential Protection Relay. The relay can detect faults between stator windings, stator earth faults, ground faults and faults between phases outside the generator but within the protected zone, e.g. at the generator terminals or on the external connections.

The basic version of the relay can be extended even later by the addition of extra cards. By using a new method of evaluating current signals, the relay can determine whether C.T. saturation is due to internal or external faults and either trip or stabilize accordingly. Thus this extended relay (type XD1-G SAT) is particularily appropriate for:

  • Different sets of C.T.s
  • Retrofitting
  • Difficulty conditions
  • High-quality items to protect
  • High mains power
  • Motor feeders.

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