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5A / Earth Overcurrent

5A / Earth Overcurrent for Solid Grounded Grids. Characteristics: DEFT, NINV, VINV, EINV
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5A / Earth Overcurrent for Solid Grounded Grids. 250 x In (half cycle), 100 x In for 1s, 30 x In for 10 s, 4 x In continuous. 

The XI1S of the PROFFESIONAL LINE is an all-purpose protection against earth faults, used for electrical machines, lines and networks with solidly or sesistance-grounded neutral; it is mainly used in radial networks. Very often the XI1S can be found as backup protection at the central earthing point of the system. It detects all earth faults occuring in the system.

Relay variant XI1S-R with directional current sensing is a selective earth-fault protection and is normally used in ring systems, networks with parallel feeders and in complex meshed systems.

The XI1S is compliant with IEC 60255-1.

Order Variants of the XI1S

  • XI1S1 (1 A) – ANSI 50N, 51N
  • XI1S5 (5 A) – ANSI 50N, 51N
  • XI1SR1 (1 A) – ANSI 50N, 51N, 67N
  • XI1SR5 (5 A) – ANSI 50N, 51N, 67N

Benefits of the Professional Line

  • Fast DIN rail mounting ⇛ easy and fast mounting
  • Sealable plastic covers ⇛ safe (see if anybody has broken the seal)
  • Super easy settings via front buttons ⇛ fast without computer
  • LED and output relays fault indication ⇛ easy to find out what has happened
  • Compact form factor ⇛ fits in small spaces
  • IT security ⇛ no way to attack via Ethernet
  • Robust and reliable ⇛ well proven reliable quality
  • Wide Range Power Supply ⇛ don’t worry about available supply voltage
  • Integrated Self-Test Procedure (via button) ⇛ fast and easy checks: relays, LEDs

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