Service Bulletins & Information Brochures

The following are standard Woodward service bulletins and information brochures, in Acrobat PDF format. For details on specific engine components, please contact Woodward's customer support.

OEM brochure: This four-page brochure provides information on systems solutions Woodward offers to OEM customers.

Aftermarket brochure: This four-page brochure provides information on aftermarket service solutions offered by our Customer Service Managers.

33574.pdf: Propeller Governors Involved in Engine Sudden Stoppage, Oil Contamination, or Lightning Strike Incidents.

33580.pdf: Recommended Time Between Overhaul Periods (TBO) for WOODWARD Propeller Governors, Pumps, Auto Feather Valves, Speed Signal Generators, and Type I Synchronizer Components.

WG64170: Service Information Letter: Non-Woodward Part Numbers in Component Maintenance Manuals.

WG60306: Woodward Manual and Service Bulletin Index

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